How to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing 2022

Teens love Snapchat. That’s something we can agree on, right? Snapchat is no doubt our favorite when it comes to the privacy and security of messages and whatever we share on the platform. You don’t have to worry about it unless someone takes a screenshot without you knowing. Well, Snapchat has a way of telling people when you take a screenshot thinking that they won’t know. It notifies the sender when you take a screenshot of the chat or snaps. But sometimes, you really want to save a message, but you can not screenshot it because the sender will get the notification, and obviously, you don’t want that. So here’s a quick trick of how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing & save awkwardness.

Easy steps to take screenshots of chats on Snapchat without them knowing:

2. Double-tap the text you want to screenshot, and the text will pop up.

Or you can long-press your desired text, then click on snap reply.

3. Now, capture the photo or click on the record button to make a snap. After this, your text will appear clearly in the snap.

Recording the snap after this step will put the text message in the background as seen in the Snapchat screenshot above.

4. Don’t discard the snap and press the home or recent button. Instead, keep Snapchat running in the background.

Use the recent button key of your phone and it’ll appear like the above-mentioned screenshot.

5. Now, take a screenshot of the snap without them knowing. This way, the sender will not get any notification.

So now you can take as many screenshots as you want of chats on Snapchat without them knowing. This can be a little different than what we expect, but that’s the only way there is. Please remember that it is ethical to ask someone before you take screenshots of their chat.

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