How to Add Multiple Photos on Your Instagram Story

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Instagram has been the greatest wellspring of being socially associated with the world. This social site has a massive dynamic audience. Instagram is one of the routinely used applications. Users can like photos and follow various accounts. That’s the reason Instagram has a huge audience as it permits users and business owners to keep in contact with the world. Instagram stories are a very popular way of sharing content on the platform.

Instagram is the sixth most famous interpersonal organization worldwide with in excess of 111 Million users. As we utilize this application consistently and it turned into a piece of our lives, we share our daily activities on our Instagram stories. So here’s a hack to include more than one photograph your Instagram story:

Add fun to your Instagram stories by adding multiple photos and making them extraordinary:

  1. Download the app Gbox it’s a verified app by play protect and an amazing app for various other cool Instagram hacks.adding photos to multiple stories
  2. After downloading, launch the app and select the Gbox keyboardset it as the default keyboard from the settings.A screenshot to add Gboard
  3. Open hour Instagram, go with add to story> click a random photo> add your desired color to the screen. Now click on the text option and select the images icon on the bottom left of the keyboard.A screenshot of Instagram story editor
  4. Add as many photos as you want to the story and style them uniquely.Multiple photos on Instagram story

For iOS users, you can easily copy the photo to the clipboard and then paste on your Instagram story.

So what are you waiting for? Add as many photos to your Instagram stories. This Instagram trick is so cool and I promise you won’t regret trying it so go ahead try and make creative Instagram stories.

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