How to read Instagram messages without them knowing

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Do you often wish to read someone’s message without them knowing? I guess probably we all do. We are often too busy to reply to someone’s text, or sometimes we want to avoid some people and prefer to read their messages without them knowing. As Instagram shows a “seen” sign after we have seen their messages, that seems like a problem. But don’t worry, you can sneak into someone’s DM without letting them know. Here we have a quick and simple hack to read Instagram messages without them knowing and without being seen.

Here are the easy steps to read the Instagram direct messages (DMs) without them knowing:

  1. Open their profile> select “restrict” from the three-dot menu on the top right corner of their profile. This will restrict them on Instagram.

    screenshot of settings of instagram profile

  2. Now open their profile and select “message”.

    after restricting them, their messages will disappear from your DM’s and will be in your message requests.Instagram profile screenshot

  3. After that read the messages as you want.

    you can also read the messages from your message requests.screenshot of a chat

  4. Now go back to their profile and unrestrict them.

    the messages will again appear in your DM’s without any notification of seeing them.Unrestricting Instagram Account

This hack is surely life-saving! So try it out and let us know in the comments.



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