Transfer files from Phone to PC

You captured a photo and you want to see it on your computer but there’s no connection between the PC. You may think that you need a USB cable to plug in and then go through the process of copying. No, you don’t have to do that. There are easier and more efficient ways of doing it. Here is how you can transfer files from phone to PC or vice versa:

Wifi Transfer:

Wifi transfer is one of the easiest and useful mechanisms for file transfer. We all prefer wireless technologies. Nobody wants to pick a USB cable and then connect it with a phone, wait for the files to open and copy. It’s all hectic. Unlike any other solution, Wifi transfer is the best. Several apps are offering Wifi transfer features but the best one that I like to use is Pushbullet. This service and app are one of my favorites. It is the first app that I install on my new phone or every time I reset. The app is simple yet powerful. Here are the features Pushbullet offers:

  • Add multiple devices
  • Share files/links with friends
  • Send files/links to other devices
  • Get updates from subscribed Pushbullet channels
  • Notification mirroring
  • SMS on PC feature
  • Access files remotely

With all these awesome features, Pushbullet tops the chart with more than a million downloads on Google Play Store. The pro version offers some other features like Universal copy paste and extends the limit of file size that a user can share. With Pushbullet pro, a user can share a file of up to 1GB in size. It also extends the storage from 2GB to 100GB. Pro version also removes the limit of 100 SMS per month.

Cloud Storage:

If you are not into installing apps and setting them up for your usage, you might like the idea of sharing files using cloud storage services. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services can be used to share files. OneDrive is widely used for this purpose as it is integrated into the Windows system. It works like copying and pasting, so just log in to your Microsoft account in windows and download OneDrive for Android, start sharing files.

USB Transfer:

If nothing is working for you, USB transfer is the option left, either you can purchase and OTG for your smartphone so that you can copy files from your Windows machine to the phone directly without involving cables or just use a cable for that purpose. Otherwise, a USB cable that you phone supports is necessary for file transfer, connect your phone and turn on the file transfer from the pop-up. Go to my computer on windows and you will see a drive showing by the name of your phone. Open it and copy the data you want.

Bluetooth Transfer:

Bluetooth transfer is the least that you should do. When nothing works, not even apps like sharing it, you have only one option left. Sometimes Bluetooth can be useful other than just connecting with wireless accessories.


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