Best Educational Apps for Android and iOS 2022

Smartphones had a significant impact on humans since the inception of these high-tech gadgets. They are no longer just for calls, taking photos, and entertainment but have become a great source to get high-quality education free or on-demand. There are millions of apps that are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that are very helpful in getting the education.

We have compiled a list of great apps that are a source of learning new skills and improving the current skills that one has. You can learn new languages, get your favorite courses, and much more using these apps.

1. Khan Academy

Khan academy is one of the best sources of learning for not just kids, but also adults who have a passion for learning new skills. If you are aware of Khan academy, then you must know their contribution to the educational world since 2008.

Khan Academy has both iOS and Android app available for free. The users can learn on the go by signing in to their accounts and keep track of their progress in their favorite courses.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is another excellent source of learning for those who want to learn new languages. The app enables people to learn and speak multiple languages. It teaches languages with quizzes, games and is fun to use. It supports dozens of languages and is a useful source of learning.

Duolingo is free on Android and iOS, but there are in-app purchases.

3. Google Translate

While learning different things, we need an app that can work as our go-to and resolves the issues we are having, if not anything technical; a simple app works as well. Google Translate is that app.

When I was learning French, Google Translate helped me in translations to English. I could just open the app and snap a picture of that particular word, and it translates automatically. It helps a lot when you are reading something in a different language.

It’s a must-have for students who are studying abroad or taking another language as a subject.

Google Translate is free on both Android and iOS.

4. YouTube

YouTube is part of almost every student. If you are at home working on something exciting and need some help, you can almost always find a solution online on YouTube. A visual tutorial helps a lot in learning and building stuff. Stuck in a Mathematical equation? Don’t fret. YouTube got you covered. The only limitation is your stamina of watching these videos.

YouTube has enabled people to learn things on their own. From Maths problem to coding, there’s a tutorial on YouTube that anyone can learn from.

YouTube is free on Android, iOS, and the web.

5. Udemy

This list won’t be complete without adding Udemy. It is one of the best educational platforms out there and enables people to start with industry-standard courses made by experts. Udemy isn’t wholly free but offers a lot of free classes. Anyone can sign up to opt-in and get the benefit.

Udemy has free Android and iOS apps so that you can take your classes anywhere you want. You can pay for your favorite courses as well to get access.

6. edX

edX is a revolutionary program that enables anyone to sign up free and let them take any course that’s available in their directory. The best part about edX is that it comes with assignments and course outlines. Not only this, but edX has now started Master’s degree programs from well known top Universities of the world. You can also get certifications in different courses from the best companies and institutions of the world, like Harvard and MIT.

edX is available for free for Android and iOS devices, and on completion of free courses, you also have the option to get a paid certificate, which isn’t costly. The price is fair for what you learn from the platform and is used to support this program.

7. Coursera

Coursera is another online school. It offers a lot to learn from experts and also comes with free and premium courses. On completion, you can even get a certificate of completion.

Coursera is available for free on iOS and Android, but courses may or may not be free.

So, these were the best educational apps using which you can improve skills. Some offer certifications and some provide professional degrees on completion of courses. You can also use some of these apps daily to boost your skills.

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