Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Tips and Tricks

Mi Band 4 is one of the best fitness bands that I have used. It is a budget band which offers so much more than what other expensive bands have to offer. It comes with heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, different exercise tracking, weather info, notifications support, music support, find my device, Alipay(Chinese version), brightness control, a color touch screen, a great battery life, and customizable band faces. All these features in just $40.

If you own Mi Band 4 or planning to get a new one, you’ll need tips and tricks to get along with this best budget smart band. This article will help you in knowing more about the smart fitness band.

Here are the tips and tricks for Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

1. Control Music

With Mi Band 4, you can control your music that’s playing on your phone (Android/iPhone). However, there’s something that needs to be fixed. It takes longer to enable these controls. Here are the music controls that it supports:

  • Play song
  • Pause song
  • Forward song
  • Backward song
  • Volume up and down

2. Connect with friends

You can connect with friends and share your fitness activity with the band. The Mi Fit app lets you share your activity with your friends. You can add your friend from the app and share your workouts. You can also “Nudge” them from the app and their Bands will vibrate with a notification that you nudged them. You can add your friends by following ways:

  • Scan QR code
  • My QR code
  • Add friends by their IDs
  • Invite friends
  • Messages

3. Automatic Heart Rate Detection

Within settings, you can turn on the automatic heart rate detection. This feature will monitor your heart rate and keeps track. You can view your records in the Mi Fit app.

4. Idle Alerts

You can turn ON idle alerts in the settings from the Mi Fit app. Turning ON idle alerts will notify the users whenever they’ve been sitting for too long.

5. Custom App Notifications

You get Notifications on Mi Band 4, however, you can manually add apps or remove them to enable or disable notifications. Notifications on Mi Band 4 doesn’t support emojis, instead, it displays a star with the message.

6. Band Lock

Band Lock in Mi Band lets you lock your band with a PIN. You can enable it from the Mi Fit app by navigating to Profile tab > Mi Band 4 battery (under My devices) > Lab > Band Lock > Turn off password/Change password.

7. Custom Band faces

You can add custom band faces to your Mi Band 4. From the Mi Fit app, you can select Band display and navigate to Band display settings and add custom band faces. There are plenty of band faces available and you can also add your photo or any scene to make your band face. Isn’t that cool?

8. Rearrange display options

If you are not liking the arrangement of options in Mi Band 4, this setting allows you to rearrange display options. You can change the order of these options and can be rearranged the way you like it.

9. Brightness Controls

One of the features useful features of this band is the brightness controls. You can dim the brightness at night and adjust according to your surroundings, or you can adjust it for the daylight. Brightness controls can be found under the settings icon.

10. Find My Device

We often forget where our phone is placed. Here comes the Mi Band 4, if your phone is connected with the band, you can use this feature to ring your phone and locate it. You can click the settings icon and use this feature to find your device.

11. Weather

You can also take a look at the weather forecast with the Weather option. It gets the weather from the Mi Fit app. You have to put your location from the app and it will collect the weather data. You can also take a look at the weather forecast.

12. DND and Night Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode (DND) is the best feature that one could get. Thanks to Xiaomi for adding this feature to Mi Band 4. You can silent notifications or turn ON auto don’t disturb mode. It will not show notifications on the band.

So, these were the tips and tricks that you could use in your Mi Band 4. These features are worth using and make Mi Band 4, the best fitness band in the budget.

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