How to Remove Tag on Facebook from Comments in 2022

How to remove Facebook comment tag (Guide)

Tagging your friends in the comments section seems fun until they tag you back in embarrassing posts or start discussing your life somewhere in the comments section. Sometimes things get nasty and you want your way out of it but Facebook’s comment system holds you back. You remain tagged until the discussion is over. Well, you no longer have to wait for that. It turns out, you can now remove comment tags on Facebook and this guide will help you in learning how to remove comment tags from Facebook.

Remove Tag from Facebook comments on Web or Desktop:

If someone has tagged you in a Facebook comment and you don’t want to be tagged there, you can remove the tag from comments by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the comment from where you want to remove yourself, hover over the comment, and three dots will appear
  2. Click three dots menu and then click ‘Give feedback or report this comment’
  3. In the next pop-up, select ‘Spam’
  4. After selecting ‘Spam,’ click the ‘Next’ button
  5. Select ‘Remove tag’ in the next pop-up
  6. Select the ‘Remove tag’ button again and wait for the comment to be removed
  7. After the tag is successfully removed, click ‘Done,’ and the tag will be removed

Remove tag from Facebook comments on Phone

To remove the Facebook comment tag, follow the steps below on your smartphone:

1. Navigate to the comment where your friends tagged you

Open the comment where your friend has tagged you.

2. Tap and hold till more options appear on the screen

Tap the comment for a while and wait for the pop-up to appear.

3. Select ‘Find Support or Report Comment’

Find this option at the bottom of the new options that appear and select to proceed.

4. On the next screen, which is ‘Report’ screen, select ‘Spam’

On the new screen, select ‘Spam’ and it will take you to the next step.

5. On the next screen, find and click the ‘Submit’ button

6. On the next screen, find and select the ‘Remove tag’ option

Find the “Remove tag” option and select to remove the tag from the comment.

7. On this screen, click the ‘Remove Tag’ button

8. You’ll be removed from the comment

You will be untagged from that particular comment after following these simple steps.

Facebook will quietly remove you from the comment where your friend tagged you, leaving just your name. That, you can only remove by asking your friend. This method works on both mobile and web versions of Facebook. You can follow the same steps on any device and remove comment tags from Facebook.

So this is how you can remove yourself from a comment where your friend tagged you. You can watch the video below to get an idea.

Update: Added screenshots and the steps to remove tag from comments on Facebook web/desktop.

25 thoughts on “How to Remove Tag on Facebook from Comments in 2022”

  1. Could you please post instructions for doing this on the desktop version? It doesn’t work this way on the desktop. Thanks!

    • Hi Bill,

      Are you using an iPhone or Android smartphone? I checked both on Android and iPhone. It works like a charm.

      The “Remove tag” option will only appear after you report that comment. Facebook will let you remove yourself from the comment afterward.

      Let me know if you still have any questions.

  2. Hello. Is this the updated version of Facebook? There is no option when touching my own name. The whole bubble of comment box you will have to click and the remove tag no longer exist. Tried this as of today. Thanks.

    • Hi Mary,

      Yes, this is the updated version of Facebook.

      I tried yesterday, and it worked. You’ve to click and hold on your name and report the comment. It works on both Android, iOS, and also on Facebook web/desktop. Choose Spam, and then you’ll see the option to remove the tag.

      I will also try to add steps to remove the comment tag from Facebook web/desktop this week, Insha Allah.

    • When you get to the screen that requires you to select an issue, such as harassment or bullying, select one of those options. Then scroll down and choose ” I don’t know. I’d like to see other steps I can take.” From there, you can block the person, and/or untag yourself.

  3. Note that in the last couple of weeks (April 2021) this option is no longer available in the Report this Comment menu. Have you worked out how we now remove a tag?

  4. I didn’t really want to report the comment as spam, since it wasn’t selling anything, but it seems to have been necessary in order to untag myself from the comment. Oh well …

    thanks for letting me know how to do it

  5. The facebook doesn’t let me remove the tag. What is wrong? I followed it all. And all i know, tag is normally can be removed. Happening the facebook doesn’t let me remove the tag. What is wrong?

  6. The facebook doesn’t let me remove the tag. What is wrong? I followed it all. And all i know, tag is normally can be removed. Happening the facebook doesn’t let me remove the tag. What is wrong?


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