Cloudflare outage hits popular website as ‘500 errors’ take over

UPDATE:The issues have been resolved. All systems are operations, as mentioned on Cloudflare’s status page.

You might be asking the same question, ‘Why is my website down’ or ‘Why is Cloudflare down’ after seeing a 500 error on your screen. Websites and apps failed to connect on Tuesday morning as Cloudflare faces massive downtime.

Cloudflare is currently experiencing problems, causing downtime for many popular apps and websites around the globe. The company has provided an update regarding the outage and is working on a fix.

Cloudflare is experiencing problems, causing widespread disruption for online services and platforms. 

Cloudflare is one of today’s major content delivery networks (CDNs). The US firm also provides Distributed Denial-of-Service (DoS) protection to online domains, speed optimization, and various cybersecurity services. 

The company accounts for millions of customers worldwide including major enterprise firms. 

On Tuesday morning, a number of websites and online services suddenly went down including Feedly, Cloudflare itself, blogs, cryptocurrency services, and more. Ironically, this also meant that down detectors – websites used to check the status of another domain you are having trouble connecting to – also went offline.

Considering the scope and scale of Cloudflare, when the firm’s network goes down, the entire internet feels the impact. You can learn more about the Cloudflare system status from this page.

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