👀 How to read deleted WhatsApp messages in 2024

It's time to start reading those deleted text messages, photos, and videos on WhatsApp!

read deleted WhatsApp messages

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Do you dislike it when someone sends you a long a** WhatsApp message and you leave it there for a minute because you’re busy but later on find out that they’ve just deleted the whole thing?

I mean, I understand the point of deleting a message if it was accidentally sent to you, it can be a picture, a screenshot, a video, or maybe some text that was not intended for you. But deleting a WhatsApp message just because you’re having afterthoughts is plain insulting to me. Principally, I should block them on WhatsApp, but it’s not always possible, especially with friends and family.

For this purpose, I’ve found a solution that may haunt those who like deleting WhatsApp messages after sending them. And I’m not kidding, people have stopped deleting messages sent to me after they got to know that I can still read their deleted WhatsApp messages, especially in WhatsApp groups. This includes deleted pictures and even videos (only if the WhatsApp auto-downloading feature was enabled).

To give people a taste of their medicine, it’s time to read their deleted messages without them knowing and shock them.

How to read a WhatsApp message after they delete it?

To read deleted messages on WhatsApp, you should have an Android phone because it doesn’t work on iPhones right now. Since it requires a third-party app, you can only do so with Android. Unlike iOS, the third-party app scans your messages from the notification of Android OS and keeps them to later show you what has been deleted.

Follow the steps below to read a deleted WhatsApp message without them knowing:

  1. First things first, you must’ve WhatsApp downloaded and set up on your phone
  2. Now, download the WhatsRemoved+ app or Restroy from the Google Play Store
  3. After installation, grant the necessary permissions to the app to scan your notifications
  4. Once set, start using WhatsApp as usual
  5. Once someone deletes a message while it is still unread, the app will notify you

Note: If you don’t trust third-party apps with your notifications or message content, please refrain from proceeding. This tip is only for those who understand the potential risks of using these apps.

You can read the deleted WhatsApp message, photo, or video and then later share it with the sender to shock them even more. This way, they’ll think 100 times before sending you something that they intend to delete later.

Please note that these apps will take up extra space on your phone, hence it’s important to have a little extra storage to make sure they work correctly. Also, the apps may not work properly if you have not granted the notifications access, and while testing this app, I figured that sometimes, if the notification was in silent mode for some reason and the sender deleted the message in the meantime, the app won’t catch the deleted message.

In the end, the videos and photos can only be retrieved if you have enabled the media auto-downloading feature of WhatsApp. Like this one? I’ve also shared some interesting WhatsApp tips and tricks for 2024.

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