Top 50 TikTokers in 2024

These are some of the most followed TikTokers from US to China!

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Back in 2013, Vine made its debut allowing users to create six-second-long looped videos. This video-sharing trend went viral and creators began making short-format viral videos. Instead of watching long-a** videos, everyone enjoyed a six-second clip which converted the whole meaning and fulfills the purpose of watching videos: Entertainment. In 2017, Twitter-owned Vine was shut down.

After several other executions, TikTok was able to get it right. It is currently the most popular short-format video platform and has attracted millions of users in a short time. The platform even crossed Instagram in growth. Since then, a lot of creators started moving to the short-format video platform.

This success in such a short time encouraged other social media platforms to copy TikTok’s short-format videos, resulting in a flux of TikTok-like videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others. The videos may vary when it comes to length, but the concept remains the same — easily accessible short-format videos.

We’ve compiled stats for the most-followed lists of social media platforms, such as most-followed Instagram accounts, most-followed Facebook pages, most-followed Twitter accounts, most-followed Twitch channels, and most-followed Threads accounts. Now, it’s time for a list of the top 50 TikTokers around the globe, updated as of October 2024.

List of top 50 most-followed TikTokers | As of October – 2024

1@khaby.lameKhabane Lame162.1 million2.4 billionItaly, Senegal
2@charlidaelioCharli D’Amelio151.5 million11.5 billionUnited States
3@bellapoarchBella Poarch93.3 million2.3 billionPhilippines, US
4@addisonreAddison Rae88.7 million5.8 billionUnited States
5@mrbeastMrBeast88.4 million0.875 billionUnited States
6@zachkingZach King79.5 million1.1 billionUnited States
7@kimberly.loaizaKimberly Loaiza79.1 million4.9 billionMexico
8@willsmithWill Smith73.9 million0.524 billionUnited States
9@tiktokTikTok75.8 million0.307 billionChina, USA
10@cznburakBurak Özdemir74.4 million1.4 billionTurkey
11@therockThe Rock73.3 million0.515 billionUnited States
12@domelipaDominik Lipa70.1 million4.3 billionMexico
13@bts_official_bighitBTS63.1 million1.3 billionSouth Korea
14@selenagomezSelena Gomez59.5 million0.615 billionUnited States
15@jasonderuloJason Derulo58.2 million1.3 billionUnited States
16@dixiedamelioDixie D’Amelio56.8 million3.3 billionUnited States
17@ox_zungWon Jeong55.8 million1.7 billionSouth Korea
18@spencerxSpencer Polanco Knight55 million1.3 billionUnited States
19@lorengrayLoren Gray54.2 million3 billionUnited States
20@kyliejennerKylie Jenner54.7 million1.3 billionUnited States
21@youneszarouYounes Zarou53.5 million1.1 billionGermany
22@justmaikoMichael Le51.8 million1.4 billionUnited States
23@homm9kHOMA51.8 million1.2 billionKazakhstan
24@kallmekrisKris Collins50 million2.3 billionCanada
25@bayashi.tiktokBayashi53.5 million1.6 billionJapan
26@billieeilishBillie Eilish50.9 million0.290 billionUnited States
27@karolgKarol G50 million0.379 billionColombia
28@brentriveraBrent Rivera47.3 million1.6 billionUnited States
29@itsjojosiwaJoJo Siwa45.6 million1.9 billionUnited States
30@riyaz.14Riyaz Aly45.9 million2.1 billionIndia
31@bp_tiktokBlackpink46.8 million0.551 billionSouth Korea
32@carlosferiagCarlos Feria45.1 million2.3 billionColombia
33@joealbaneseJoe Albanese44 million1.7 billionUnited States
34@junya1gouJunya Gou43.9 million0.710 billionJapan
35@avaniAvani Gregg43 million3 billionUnited States
36@elrodcontrerasRod Contreras42.9 million2.4 billionMexico
37@pongamoslo_a_pruebaPongámoslo a Prueba43.6 million1.5 billionMexico
38@xoteamXO Team41.6 million1.3 billionRussia
39@psgParis Saint-Germain F.C.40.9 million0.615 billionFrance
40@anokhinalzLiza Anokhina40.7 million1.4 billionRussia
41@nianaguerreroNiana Guerrero41.3 million0.890 billionPhilippines
42@scottsrealityScott Hentzepeter38.3 million0.913 billionNetherlands
43@ondymikulaOndy Mikula37.8 million0.594 billionCzech Republic
44@montpantojaPaola Montserrat Pantoja Lizárraga38.8 million2.1 billionMexico
45@dobretwinsLucas and Marcus38.6 million1 billionUnited States
46@jamescharlesJames Charles38.4 million1.2 billionUnited States
47@gordonramsayofficialGordon Ramsay39.7 million0.642 billionUnited Kingdom
48@miakhalifaMia Khalifa37.9 million0.613 billionLebanon, US
49@VirginiaFonsecaVirginia37.5 million0.993 billionUnited States
50@babyarielBaby Ariel36.3 million1.9 billionUnited States

9 most-liked TikTokers, Ranked as of October – 2024

1Charli D’Amelio11.5 billion
2Addison Rae5.8 billion
3Kimberly Loaiza4.9 billion
4Domelipa4.3 billion
5Loren Gray3.2 billion
6Bella Poarch2.3 billion
7Zach King1.1 billion
8MrBeast0.875 billion
9Riyaz Aly0.855 billion

These were some of the most followed and most liked TikTokers globally. The list includes TikTokers from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia, France, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, India, South Korea, Germany, Italy, the Philippines, and Lebonaon.

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We’ll keep this list posted and make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest information. You can also check our other rankings.

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Last Updated: October 28, 2023

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