Top 50 most-followed Facebook Pages 2024 (Updated)

These are the most-followed Facebook pages till date!

Top most followed Facebook pages in 2023

Top 50 most followed Facebook Pages in history, Featured image by @noobspace

The rise of social media has transformed the way we interact and communicate with others worldwide. Despite its flaws, Facebook remains a dominant force with almost 3 billion monthly active users and numerous pages. We have curated a list of the top 50 Facebook accounts with the largest followings to highlight the most followed accounts on the platform.

Let’s take a look at the crème de la crème of Facebook.

Most-followed Facebook pages/accounts in 2024:

RankNameIndustryPage LinkFollowersLikesCountry
1Facebook (Meta)Social Media CompanyHere188 million followers183 million likes 
2Cristiano RonaldoSportsHere167 million followersN/A 
3SamsungElectronics/TechHere161 million followersN/A 
4Mr. BeanTV/ComedyHere140 million followersN/A 
55-Minute CraftsMedia NewsHere126 million followers66 million likes 
6ShakiraMusic/ArtistHere124 million followersN/A
7CGTNMedia NewsHere120 million followersN/A
8Real Madrid C.F.SportsHere120 million followers114 million likes
9Will SmithActorHere116 million followersN/A
10Lionel MessiSportsHere116 million followersN/A
11FC BarcelonaSportsHere113 million followers103 million likes
12Coca-ColaDrinks & BeveragesHere108 million followersN/A
13Vin DieselActorHere106 million followersN/A 
14YouTube (Google)StreamingHere107 million followers88 million likes 
15Tasty (BuzzFeed)Media NewsHere105 million followers95 million likes 
16China DailyMedia NewsHere104 million followersN/A
17RihannaMusic/ArtistHere104 million followersN/A
18NetflixStreamingHereN/A87 million likes 
19EminemMusic/SingerHere95 million followersN/A
20Xinhua News AgencyMedia NewsHereN/A95 million likes
21Justin BieberMusic/SingerHere92 million followersN/A
22NeymarSportsHere91 million followersN/A
23Selena GomezMusic/SingerHere89 million followers60 million likes
24People’s DailyMedia NewsHere85 million followersN/A
25UEFA Champions LeagueSports LeagueHere86 million followers71 million likes
26La LigaSports LeagueHere84 million followers79 million likes
27McDonald’sFood Chain/ RestaurantHere81 million followersN/A 
28MetaInternet CompanyHereN/A78 million likes 
29Manchester UnitedSports TeamHere82 million followers76 million likes
30Taylor SwiftMusic/SingerHere79 million followersN/A 
31WWESports leagueHereSports League42 million likes
32Jason StathamActorHere74 million followersN/A
33BlossomPublisherHere73 million followers55 million likes
34Jackie ChanActorHere71 million followersN/A
35Katy PerryMusic/SingerHere72 million followersN/A
36AdeleMusic/SingerHere70 million followersN/A
37Michael JacksonMusic/SingerHere70 million followersN/A
38Harry PotterFilmHere68 million followers69 million likes
39Candy Crush SagaGame/AppHere67 million followers69 million likes
40Global TimesNewspaperHere76 million followersN/A
41Bob MarleyMusic/SingerHere67 million followers67 million likes
42InstagramSocial Media AppHere68 million followers61 million likes
43National Geographic TVMedia NewsHere65 million followers63 million likes
44T-SeriesMusic LabelHere65 million followers13 million likes
45Criminal CaseVideo GameHere60 million followers62 million likes
46Dwayne JohnsonActorHere64 million followersN/A
47Jennifer LopezActorHere62 million followersN/A
48BBC NewsMedia NewsHere61 million followers55 million likes
49Huawei MobileTechnology CompanyHere29 million followers58 million likes
50Bruno MarsMusic/SingerHere59 million followers53 million likes
51National Geographic (NatGEO)Media NewsHere50 million followers47 million likes
Data source: Facebook Pages | Data collected and verified by the noobspace team

What is the most-followed Facebook Page of all time?

As of the latest data, Cristiano Ronaldo’s official Facebook page holds the title of the most-followed page on the platform. This is only if we don’t consider brand pages, because Facebook tops all pages in that way.

Do most-followed Pages earn revenue from their popularity?

Yes, popular Facebook pages can monetize their influence through sponsored content, brand partnerships, and advertising revenue.

How often do these most-followed Pages post content?

Most pages post content several times a week to keep their audience engaged and active.

Can anyone create a Facebook Page?

Yes, anyone can create a Facebook page, but achieving a significant following requires a compelling content strategy and consistent effort.

What type of content performs best on Facebook?

Visual content, especially videos, tends to perform exceptionally well on Facebook due to its engaging nature.

Is it possible to get Verified on Facebook as a most-followed Page?

Yes, Facebook offers a verification process for pages with a large following and high authenticity to prevent impersonation. Recently, the company launched Meta verified under the hood of their parent company Meta, which verifies users on all Meta platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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Last updated: October 17, 2023

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