How to report a Facebook post in 2024

Sometimes, we don’t like a post. It can be threatening for you or someone on the internet, maybe someone’s bullying you, maybe someone’s making hate posts, or being an a**hole on the internet. And sometimes, it’s just scam posts with information or links that can do more damage than it appears. In that case, reporting a post on FB becomes your social duty and sort of obligation.

Reporting a Facebook post is a way to alert Facebook moderators to content that violates their community standards.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how you can report a post on Facebook:

  1. Locate the Post: First, find the post you want to report. It can be on your own timeline, a friend’s timeline, in a group, or on a Page.
  2. Click the Three Dots: Next to the post, you should see three horizontal dots (also known as an ellipsis). Click on these dots to open a menu.
    click on the three dots menu on a Facebook post
  3. Choose “Find support or report post”: From the menu that appears, select the “Find support or report post” option. This will open a dialog box with various reporting options.
  4. Select a Reason for Reporting:

    You’ll be presented with different reasons for reporting the post. Choose the one that best matches the issue with the post. Common reasons include:
    • Nudity
    • Eating disorder
    • Harassment or bullying
    • Hate speech or symbols
    • Violence or threat of violence
    • Spam or scams
    • False news or misinformation
    • Self-harm or suicide
    • Intellectual property violation
    • Unauthorized sales
    • Terrorism
    • Something else
  5. Submit the Report: After you’ve provided the required information, click the “Submit” or “Done” button to send your report.
  6. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Depending on your selection, Facebook may ask for more information or details about the issue. Follow the on-screen instructions to provide any necessary information.
  7. Optional: Block the User: If the post is from a user you want to avoid, you can block them by clicking “Block” from the same menu where you reported the post.

Please note that Facebook’s reporting process may evolve over time, and the options and steps may change. In fact, these options have changed since the last year. It’s essential to provide as much accurate information as possible when reporting a post to help Facebook assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Facebook may take some time to process your report and time may change from a day to a week, maybe a month or a year. (Sometimes they don’t even respond)

Also, be aware that reporting a post does not guarantee that Facebook will take action, as they review each report individually. If the content violates their community standards, they may remove it or take other appropriate measures.

Remember that it’s essential to use the reporting feature responsibly and only for legitimate concerns, as misuse of the reporting system may lead to restrictions on your own account.

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