Why Facebook/IG Reel comments are disabled?

Disabled Reel comments section

Since Reels work on both Facebook and Instagram, lately, users may have noticed disabled comment sections under some Reels that are posted. Reels are popular short videos that can be shared on Facebook and Instagram. However, when some users post Reels now, comments seem to be turned off or limited without explanation.

It is not Meta disabling comments on all Reels across their platforms. Rather, the individual users who create and post the Reels have the option to limit or disable comments on their own content.

So why might some creators decide to do this? Well, here are a few key reasons:

So in summary – the missing Reel comments you may notice on Facebook and Insta are due to individual users disabling them on their own posts. Facebook and IG itself have not removed the ability to comment on Reels across the board.

Check whether the creator limited comments intentionally before assuming it’s a platform issue. Disabled comments are frustrating for some users who enjoy interacting.

However, creators likely have valid personal reasons for managing comments in the way they choose for their own content.

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