Why has my blue tick gone on Twitter (X)?

Here's why your gold or blue tick is not showing on Twitter (X).

Twitter blue tick not showing

If Twitter’s blue or gold verified tick is gone and not showing on your profile then don’t worry. I’ve compiled this guide for you to get it back.

Why is the blue or gold verified tick not showing?

How to get a blue or gold verified tick back?

You can get a blue checkmark by subscribing to the Premium or Premium+ tier of X Premium.

If you recently removed your profile picture, you just need to wait a week (or less). In this time, Twitter’s team will verify your changes, such as your name or profile picture and once the verification is complete, your blue or gold checkmark will be reinstated.

So, this is why your blue tick or gold tick wasn’t showing. And following these above-mentioned solutions, you will get them back. Just be patient if they’re in the verification process.

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