Instagram Quiet Mode 🌙: Turn on or hide moon symbol

Enable to disable quiet mode on Instagram and the moon symbol

You must’ve seen a moon icon on Instagram near DMs or near your own profile picture. Are you still wondering what it is and what does it mean? What features does it have to offer and more? If these questions are in your mind, this guide is perfect for all those answers that you seek.

The moon icon represents quiet mode on Instagram. What’s quiet mode?

What’s quiet mode?

Your status and auto-reply will be updated to “in quiet mode” at night or whenever you need to focus. You’ll get a reminder 10 minutes before quiet mode starts.

Just like do not disturb or DND mode in Android or iPhone, quiet mode is Instagram’s built-in feature that mutes notifications for a certain time, such as the time when you sleep. Instagram has been rolling out this feature and it is automatically turning on for many people.

If you’ve got an updated Instagram app, this may be enabled for you by default.

How to turn on/off quiet mode on Instagram?

Follow these simple steps to turn on or off quiet mode on Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to IG settings.
  2. From there, scroll down to Notifications
  3. Find and tap Quiet mode
  4. Change start and end time for quiet mode or completely turn it off

Do you really need quiet mode?

Yes, if you receive lots of notifications from Instagram, especially DMs, use this feature to focus on your work or family when needed. If you turn it on, the notifications will be paused during this time that you choose to silent notifications and afterward, you’ll get the notifications as usual.

But if you don’t want to pause or silent notifications, you won’t be needing this feature and hence you can turn it off.

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