‘Silenced by Do Not Disturb’ mean on WhatsApp Call

What does Silenced by DND mean on WhatsApp / Image designed by @noobspace

I got a message from my Aunt that she had called me yesterday but I didn’t pick up her call. My reply was that I didn’t even get a call from her. She thought I was lying and avoiding her. This would’ve gone the other way around until I stumbled upon this notification in WhatsApp call logs and saw a missed voice call from her with the ‘Silenced by Do Not Disturb’ label. This little label saved the day for both of us and removed any misunderstandings.

A screenshot of WhatsApp call logs showing 'Silenced by Do Not Disturb' mode

So, if you got in this situation and wondered what just happened, let me explain what’s going on.

When your phone is on ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Work mode,’ the notifications are always silenced. This mode enables you to focus on whatever you’re working on, be it work, sleep, or time spent with family, by silencing your phone’s notifications and alerts, which include WhatsApp calls.

This way, any call you receive while the DND mode is enabled will be silenced so that you don’t get disturbed. This incident was tested on Android; I’m not sure if iPhone users are also seeing the same notification. In my situation, DND was auto-enabled during bedtime.

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