How to install 3 WhatsApp on iPhone in 2024

Here's how to use, not 1, not 2, but 3 WhatsApp on an iPhone!

Installing multiple WhatsApp on iPhone in 2023 / Image: @noobspace

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in the world, with more than 2 billion users. The app is used daily by millions of people and is the best chatting app available to date. Some people have multiple phone numbers, which means  With the increase in use and demand, users want to use dual WhatsApp for both phone numbers.

This is possible, and today we will share with you how you can use dual WhatsApp on your iPhone. You can download WhatsApp and use more accounts on your iPhone with these tips.

1. By installing official WhatsApp on the iPhone

One way to use WhatsApp is by installing the regular WhatsApp on your iPhone. If you are using regular WhatsApp, then no need to install it again. The WhatsApp that we usually use can only be configured using one phone number; if you have WhatsApp already installed on your phone, then no need to install it again.

If not, you can download and configure dual WhatsApp on your iPhone from the links below. Download WhatsApp from the App Store and set it up on your iPhone and use two WhatsApp accounts with ease.

You can download WhatsApp from the App Store.

2. By installing WhatsApp Business on an iPhone

If you have another number that you want to use with WhatsApp, then you need to install WhatsApp Business on your iPhone. Yes, that’s the 2nd WhatsApp application for iPhone that you can utilize.

WhatsApp introduced their business app for businesses to connect with their customers. It has many helpful business features but can also be used as a second WhatsApp on your iPhone. You can set up a new number on this WhatsApp app and this way, you can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone.

You can download WhatsApp Business from the App Store.

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3. By using WhatsApp Web

Another way of adding a WhatsApp account to your iPhone is by using the WhatsApp Web shortcut to your home screen. Yes, you can do so by opening on your Safari web browser and logging into your account. After that, tap the share button to open a menu. From that menu, tap “Add to Home Screen” and it’ll add a WhatsApp icon to your iPhone’s home screen.

Adding a website icon as shortcut to home screen on your iPhone
Adding WhatsApp Web to the home screen on the iPhone
WhatsApp Web icon on iPhone / SS: Husnain, Author on NoobSpace

Please note that this is possible with a secondary phone only because you can only scan your QR code for WhatsApp using another phone.

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