How to turn your Android into an iPhone in 2024

Make your Android phone look like iPhone with this guide.

Make Android look like iPhone

You’re here because you’re clearly fed up with the stock operating system on your Android phone. It doesn’t matter which phone you have; this feeling is completely understandable, and there’s no judgment here. Let’s give your phone a fresh new look and transform it into something that resembles an iPhone.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a simple guide on how to make your Android phone look like an iPhone. Get ready to elevate your Android experience and embrace an iPhone theme on your device.

Making Android homescreen look like iPhone:

Follow the steps below to turn your Android into an iPhone-themed device:

1. Open Google Play Store on your Android phone

Find and click Google Play Store icon to open and search for apps to download.

2. Search for an iOS launcher or iPhone launcher

Search for iOS Launcher in the search field and see results.

3. Find any iOS launcher that you like such as ‘Launcher iOS 16’ or “iPhone 14 Launcher”

Install any of your favorite iPhone launchers. I liked Launcher iOS 16 and iPhone 14 Launcher available on the Google Play store.

4. Download and Install the respective launcher(s) from Google Play Store

5. After completing the Installation, open the launcher and enjoy iOS theme on your Android phone

Adding Assistive Touch:

iPhone isn’t complete without an assistive touch or virtual home button. To get this on Android, you need to install Assistive Touch iOS for Android from Google Play Store and proceed with the installation instructions. After installing it on your phone, you’ll get an iPhone-like assistive touch button on your Android phone.

Getting Control Center on Android:

While Android has a notification panel that you can access by dragging down the notification bar, Control Center is Apple’s perfect way of showcasing the tools it has to offer. Unlike Android’s top placement of controls in the notification panel, iOS offers a control center at the bottom swipe. You can install Control Center iOS to get this feature on your Android phone.

Getting iPhone-like lock screen on Android:

Without a lock screen, the iPhone theme for Android isn’t ready. You can try installing Lock Screen iOS on your phone and it’ll try to mimic your Android phone’s lock screen into an iPhone-like theme. Please note that I personally don’t recommend using this because of security and privacy reasons. Only a built-in lock screen is secure enough that can’t be bypassed. Unless you really want to turn your Android into an iPhone-themed device, this shouldn’t be your priority.

Android devices that you can turn into an iPhone (software-wise):

Please note that you can make any Android look like an iPhone using this guide. This includes Samsung, Oppo, Huawei (manual installation), Vivo, Xiaomi (Mi), Sony, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Realme, ASUS, and other local smartphone brands, and in fact, any Android phone that can install apps from Google Play Store. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and turn your phone into an iPhone.

By following these simple steps, you can make your Android phone look like an iPhone. With this launcher, you will also gain access to iOS 14-styled widgets and various other features directly inspired by the iPhone.

Please note that this will not gurantee same iPhone like experience as these are just themes and third party apps, not the real deal. So, if you're looking for the best experience, shifting to iPhone is the best option left. And while you're at shifting, try Apple's official Move to iOS app on Google Play Store.

We’ve also listed some of the FAQs about turning your Android into an iPhone-themed phone.

Q: How can I turn my Android into an iPhone?

Follow these steps to make your Android phone look like an iPhone:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
2. Search for an iOS launcher in the search field.
3. Look for “Launcher iOS 16” by LuuTinh Developer or iPhone 14 Launcher.
4. Download and install the iOS launcher.
5. After installation, open the launcher and enjoy the iOS interface on your Android phone.

Is there an iOS launcher for Android?

Yes, there are several iOS launchers for Android. iPhone Launcher 14 or Launcher iOS 16 is one of the prominent available on Google Play.

What is an iOS launcher?

An iOS launcher is an application that allows you to change the appearance and user interface of your Android device to resemble that of an iPhone. It provides iPhone-like icons, widgets, and other features.

Where can I find an iOS launcher for Android?

You can find iOS launchers on the Google Play Store. Simply search for “iOS launcher” in the Play Store’s search field, and you will find various options to choose from.

Which iOS launcher should I download?

We recommend downloading “Launcher iOS 14” developed by LuuTinh Developer. It offers an iOS 14-inspired interface and comes with widgets and features similar to those found on an iPhone.

Can I get iOS 14 widgets on my Android phone?

Yes, by using an iOS launcher like “Launcher iOS 14” on your Android device, you can enjoy iOS 14 widgets and other features that closely resemble the iPhone experience.

Will turning my Android into an iPhone change the operating system?

No, installing an iOS launcher on your Android device will only change the appearance and user interface to resemble iOS. It does not alter the underlying Android operating system.

Can I revert the changes and return to the original Android interface?

Yes, you can easily revert the changes by uninstalling the iOS launcher from your Android device. This will restore your Android phone to its original interface.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using an iOS launcher on Android?

While an iOS launcher can provide a visually similar experience to an iPhone, there may be certain limitations or differences in functionality compared to using a genuine iPhone. It’s important to note that an iOS launcher is primarily a cosmetic change and cannot replicate the entire iOS ecosystem.

Do I need to root my Android device to use an iOS launcher?

No, you do not need to root your Android device to use an iOS launcher. You can simply download and install the launcher from the Google Play Store without the need for rooting.

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