Why VPNs are important for smartphone and tablet users

Why are VPNs important for smartphones and tablets

The use of VPN technology is at an all-time high because of growing public awareness about the threats posed to online privacy and security by hackers and snoopers. Besides cybercriminals, it is also ISPs, government agencies, advertisers, and websites tracking your every movement online.

But most of the time, people associate the use of VPNs with computers and laptops. They forget about their smartphones and tablets, which is a cardinal sin. Today, over 50% of Internet traffic is generated by smartphones and other mobile devices. More than 15 billion worldwide use their mobile devices to stay connected to the Internet, syncing their emails, checking their social media accounts, or exchanging data. There’s every chance someone might intercept the traffic and get a hold of your Facebook or Instagram password, credit card information, confidential messages, and other sensitive data. This is where smartphone and tablet VPNs come to the rescue, such as Surfshark, ArgoVPN, Cellular VPN, and others.

To understand the importance of VPNs on smartphones and tablets, you must know what this technology is capable of. Let’s look.

Offers security in a connected world

Tablets and smartphones are your personal windows to the vast digital world, making them susceptible to potential cyber threats.

People often use public Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet on the go. These networks are breeding grounds for cybercriminals seeking to intercept confidential data. VPNs encrypt data transmitted between your mobile device and the Internet, shielding your personal information from potential beaches. So, when you connect your phone or tablet to the coffee shop Wi-Fi, ensure to turn on VPN. This will anonymize and encrypt your data.

Besides ensuring the safe use of public Wi-Fi networks, VPNs encrypt financial data on your phone. Accessing online banking apps on phones is extremely popular, and when you are using these apps, you are exposing your sensitive financial data. Online purchases pose similar threats, and you must use a VPN service while shopping online on apps like Groupon or Amazon. Thanks to VPN, your financial data will be encrypted, and nobody will steal your data.

Additionally, VPNs encrypt video and voice chat data. Your chats over Google Hangouts, Apple FaceTime, Skype, or other video calling apps may have unwanted listeners. With encryption, you can stop remote hackers or organizations from hopping in and recording your conversations without permission.

Offers access to geo-blocked content libraries

Is it easier to use your phone or tablet to stream online content? Netflix, Hulu, and all other popular streaming platforms are hiding their vast content library because of your location. Using a VPN, you can seamlessly switch the server location and spoof your location. This will make the streaming service believe you are in another country. Hence, you can view TV shows, news, and sports that would otherwise be unavailable.

Allow you to get better and exclusive shopping deals and cheaper flights/accommodation

Online shopping websites run deals and discounts depending on the shopper’s geographical location. Also, there’s something called dynamic pricing. This is not only applied to shopping websites but also to hotels and flight booking websites.

So, once you search for a specific item or show your interest, the website owner tracks your IP address. You are sorely mistaken if you think you will come back later for a better deal. The price will be hiked up.

You can avoid dynamic pricing and also unlock exclusive deals by using VPNs. You can change virtual servers and see which location offers you a better deal. But please note that it might take some time to find the right server location where you can get flights and hotels at the cheapest prices.

Offers preservation of privacy

VPNs allow users to browse the web and engage in all kinds of online activities anonymously. So, your privacy is preserved, and your activities are hidden from prying eyes.

Most advertisers, ISPs, or government agencies can track online activities due to the user’s IP address. VPNs mask IP addresses so you can hide your online identity.

Helps to overcome bandwidth and throttling issues 

It is paramount to be able to preserve your privacy in the online realm. VPN acts as a shield disguising your IP address and ensuring your online activities are anonymous and virtually untraceable. Thanks to this, advertisers, government agencies, and ISPs are prevented from monitoring your movements and collecting data about your web browsing habits. You can use a VPN to regain control of your digital footprint and maintain anonymity.

Most premium VPNs ensure users get increased bandwidth and low latency. So, you can enjoy uninterrupted video calls, live streaming, and watch movies online with no buffering.

Please note that bandwidth throttling is something that ISPs engage in when they notice high Internet traffic from a particular source. This is done to ensure the Internet speed is not affected by all the other users. However, a VPN can help you avoid such problems because the ISP won’t be able to track your activity. So, you can stream and broadcast as much as you want, and your Internet speed won’t be affected.

Supports the concept of decentralized Internet

The concept of decentralized Internet has gained traction over the years, and an important role is played by VPNs. This technology supports this vision and allows users to access the vast realm of the Internet without being restricted. It helps users overcome content censorship and geographical limitations. Hence, users are empowered to explore the web freely and without any restrictions.

How do you use a VPN on your smartphone or tablet?

Most premium VPN providers offer applications that can be downloaded and installed on your phone. Once installed, create an account and pay the subscription fee. Then, enable the VPN on your phone or tablet, choose the server location of your choice, and enjoy browsing the web freely or unlock blocked content libraries worldwide.

When selecting a VPN for your phone, ensure it is a premium one with a wide network of servers across varied locations in the world.


In summation, the importance of VPNs on smartphones and tablets is that the technology protects personal and financial information, unblocks restricted content, and allows users to surf the web anonymously.

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If you depend on your phone to exchange emails, attend business calls, watch movies or TV shows, shop, etc., you must install a VPN.

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