How to hide meet in Gmail

Meet in Gmail is a new feature that is rolling out all over the globe. But to be honest, it is the most annoying addition in Gmail for those who don’t want to use it. To get rid of meet in Gmail, follow the steps given below.

Remove Meet From Gmail Web

Here is how to turn off meet in Gmail using simple steps:

Open Gmail app or on your device

Find and click the settings icon on the upper right corner of the Gmail web

Click See all settings button

Navigate to Chat and Meet tab and make changes there

Save changes after making changes

G Suite users might not have this option in their account on Gmail as some settings are controlled by the Admins of G Suite and can be changed from Admin Console.

Remove Meet from Gmail App

Gmail logo on a phone app screenshot

If you are seeing the Meet section on iPhone or Android app, you can remove meet from the Gmail app from the settings as well. Follow the steps below to hide meet in Gmail apps:

  1. Open the Gmail app and go to Settings
  2. Select your Gmail account where you want to make changes
  3. Navigate to General>Meet> Show the Meet tab for video calling
  4. Disable/turn off meet in the Gmail app

That’s it. You now have successfully removed meet from Gmail apps on Android and iOS as well.

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