10 proven ways to increase website traffic in 2024

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Website is the online presence of any business, and it won’t be wrong to say that it works as an online outlet for a business. You might have noticed that every brand, whether small or big, has a digital appearance, and through this, they are earning more than before.

However, a website is not enough as its visibility impacts a lot. Just like a branded outlet on the road, the website also reveals a classy touch. There are certain ways to increase traffic on the website, and you should be aware of those methods because more visitors means more sales.

1. Do keyword analysis

First of all, you should be aware of keywords relevant to your business. Keyword competition is the main thing as it lets you decide the efforts required for ranking on the first page. We suggest SEO experts design every campaign after a detailed analysis of keywords as, without it, your efforts will be of no use. Certain tools can help you do the analysis, and it doesn’t prove time-consuming in most cases.

2. Avoid plagiarized content

When you publish blogs, press releases, and articles, make sure that they are not plagiarized from any source. The best way is to hire in-house writers who can produce quality content right according to your business niche.

Google can put those sites in black lists that publish copied content, and this can be the worst thing one can do on its website. However, apart from unique content, relevancy is something that enhances brand awareness. So, make sure you consider these details wisely.

3. Rely on SEO proxies

You can get better tracking of results if you choose to rely on SEO proxies. As per Muhammad Abdullah aka abdugeek’s guide on WPSack, proxies can help in scraping search engine optimization data with better link-building opportunities. Experts can reap multiple pros of proxies, but it requires a sound knowledge of the field.

With a proxy, you won’t have to wait for personalized results, and so, you can achieve the goals in a short period as it works as a bridge between the site and a device. If you want international marketing, proxy won’t let Google identify your IP address, and so, you would be able to operate smoothly. By following easy link-building strategies and using some of the best link-building tools (free or paid), you can get more results.

4. Stay active on social media

Social media can do wonders if you use it efficiently. The company’s official page should reveal a professional touch because people are proactive, and they do notice every single detail. Businesses that do not pay much attention to Facebook and Insta pages may lose a large audience.

Apart from it, people often send queries through social media, and if you do not respond on time, a company may lose potential customers. So, we suggest you stay super active on social media, and for this purpose, it is crucial to hire a separate team that can manage this platform effectively.

5. Reduce the page-loading time

Do you think that a person would stay on a website that takes minutes to load a page? No one likes to wait for loading, and people prefer to switch to other pages. So, it is indispensable to reduce the page load time as much as you can. Sometimes, company owners do not pay much attention to small details, but they actually impact a lot, and the SEO department should own this responsibility to mitigate such issues on time. You can also read the factors that affect a website’s performance here.

6. Enhance the visibility

Graphics of a website are also impactful. Let’s understand it with an example as you feel good whenever you enter a lavish outlet of any brand, and the same is the case with a website. If a site doesn’t look good, people may not like to stay there longer, so you should work on the graphics.

The color scheme has a great role, and it can prove great if you choose a color combo that creates harmony with your brand logo. However, this is not a pro rule, and you can follow other color options too.

7. Write blogs with irresistible titles

Do you know eye-catchy captions get more attention rather than normal ones? There should be some curiosity in the titles that trigger people to click. Random titles do not get highlighted, and it is mandatory to keep the whole article relevant to that caption as you cannot write a different story in the blog that does not create any relevance with the caption.

8. Guest posting

This can be a little tricky job as you’ll require a list of famous publishers who allow guest posting and have high domain authority. It requires detailed research to know the guidelines of such publishers because they can reject an article if you do not follow the instructions.

Sometimes, it can be related to the number of words, sentence structure, keyword placement, uniqueness, images free from copyrights, and internal linking. So, whenever you do guest posting for increasing website traffic, make sure to follow the instructions first.

9. Publish some content on LinkedIn

When it comes to SEO, you should get the best use of every platform. LinkedIn is also helpful for enhancing the brand image. You should prefer to publish quality content on this platform because it can also redirect traffic to your website. Meanwhile, make sure to update the company’s LinkedIn profile with the required number of vacancies and other details that people usually take an interest in.

10. Live chat section is mandatory

The majority of the people do not bother about the live chat section as they create an automated bar on the site that doesn’t prove very helpful. The best way is to add some common FAQs to that section to answer such queries, but if you hire a representative for live answering, it can prove even better.

Apart from it, businesses that target international marketing should make sure to add multiple language options to accommodate customers from all over the world. Representatives should be responsive enough to answer each query on time. In short, these suggestions can help companies to increase website traffic.

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