How to get your Snapchat streaks back

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Update: Now, Snapchat streaks can only be restored with money. Yes, you have to pay for it now, only first restore is free, after that, you can’t restore Snapchat streaks for free.

We all know today that Snapstreak is more important than anything we work so hard to keep our snap streaks alive. Just think about someone who’s kept one going for over a year he’ll surely know what a streak is. Snapchat streaks are no joke we all know that the struggle is real. But as you know you have to send a snap back and forth every day to keep our streaks alive and it’s obviously a game of our memory. So if you lose your snaps streaks mistakenly there’s is a way to get back your Snapchat streaks within 24 hours:

Steps To Get Snapchat Streaks Back

  1. To get your Snapchat streaks back, visit support. Snapchat > Contact Us > My snap streaks disappeared.
  2. After this, you have to fill a form regarding your username, your friend’s username, and some more information.
  3. Submit the form and you’ll be notified within minutes by a mail that you have got your snap streaks back
  4. Open your Snapchat and you’ll have the streaks back so enjoy and continue the streak game!

Note: You can only get Snapchat streaks back if you apply within a day of losing your Snapchat streaks.

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