ChatGPT is down, here’s what to do

No, you're not blocked on ChatGPT. It's a bug affecting millions of ChatGPT users.

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It is not you, it’s OpenAI. ChatGPT is facing a partial outage in different parts of the world, according to the OpenAI team. Earlier, OpenAI’s AI classifier was also showing disruptions as I was unable to log into the account and later couldn’t get it to work.

ChatGPT login error today

The OpenAI team says that they’re aware of the issue and will be fixing it soon.

“We are currently investigating this issue.”

OpenAI TeamJul 112023 – 07:56 PDT

Don’t fret. The website will be back as the OpenAI must be working on updates. However, strange behavior is being reported by people on Twitter. Many users are reporting “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” error on the ChatGPT website, which is quite unique.

However, the only errors I see at my end are:

If you’re seeing such errors, you’re among the millions who are also sharing the same on social media. However, if you’re seeing the blocked error, it’s probably a bug because a lot of people are facing the same. OpenAI will more likely fix the issue as soon as possible.

What to do?

Keep an eye on this page, we’ll keep you posted with the latest information.

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