6 ways to get more storage on your iPhone

Keep your iPhone storage free
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Almost every iPhone user will brag about their smartphone, but you will also see them whining about their storage. iPhone storage is a nightmare if you have a lot of apps and data to store on the phone.

Here are the things you can try to keep your iPhone on more storage:

6. Empty ‘Recently Deleted’ Photos

The photos you delete on your iPhone are not permanently gone. You can still get them back if you go to the ‘Recently Deleted’ photos folder in the Photos app. If you have cleared a lot of photos recently and see no change in your storage, then this is the reason. Clean the folder and check back.

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5. iCloud Backup

Now, iCloud comes with 5GB free storage. It’s not much, but sometimes it’s enough, and if you want more storage for your photos or documents, you can get several plans at an affordable price. Backup your files, data, photos, and videos to iCloud and delete them from your iPhone. It will save you a lot of space.

4. Google Photos Backup

If you only have photos to backup and don’t want to use iCloud because that wouldn’t be enough, then Google Photos is the solution for all your problems. You can backup your photos to Google Photos, and it’s unlimited free if you enable optimized uploading to the service. If you want full-resolution photos and videos, then it takes storage and will cost you money when you run out of storage.

3. Clear WhatsApp Junk

WhatsApp photos and videos take a lot of storage in your iCloud as well. Instead of asking your friend to stop sending you memes or funny videos, make sure you clean junk in free time to make sure that you have enough storage on your iPhone. You can navigate to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage and find the chats which are taking more storage. Manually clear them, and you’re good to go.

2. Offload Unused Apps

If you are not using apps, iOS will automatically offload apps in case you’re short on memory, but you can also do the same in storage settings. Navigate to Settings>General>iPhone Storage>(Particular App, i.e. Facebook)> Offload App. Press ‘Offload App‘ and then press ‘Offload App‘ again in the action menu and it will delete the app but keep its data and documents.

Following these steps will let you offload apps that you are not using very much, but it’s still there taking space.

1. Uninstall unnecessary apps

Look, we all have unnecessary apps on our phones. Find unnecessary apps and consider uninstalling them. You can uninstall these apps and keep your storage free for essential apps.


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