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NoobSpace has a dedicated team of writers, developers, tech enthusiasts who are passionate about writing the latest technology-related updates and provide the best content for readers. These geeks strive to deliver the latest tech news and working even harder to make it possible. We are also expanding our network of writers and with time, we will have a team of tech enthusiasts and geeks who will cover several topics of tech, science, and space.

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Founder and Editor

Muhammad Abdullah, known as ‘AbduGeek‘ is a tech geek, movie enthusiast, technology blogger with experience of more than 7 years in the online industry. He is also a Computer Scientist and WordPress developer. Other than NoobSpace, he also founded other websites. Read more about him here.

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Stuck in books, a slowpoke with some writing skills.
Master in English Literature, poetess, book nerd, likes Readers Digest, dislikes Marvel movies.
Aerospace engineer, lives somewhere in the Universe on sector Earth. Don't like writing bios.
Geek Desk is a team of professionals and tech geeks who have a keen interest in technology and keep an eye on reporting technology.
A developer, explorer, nature lover, tea lover, and a photographer. One who is more crazy about anime than movies, huge Marvel fan.
Freelance Web developer, loves sleeping.