How to Earn $1 Million from Snapchat’s ‘Spotlight’

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Snapchat has introduced a new feature called “Spotlight” in its application. Spotlight feature will have a dedicated wall, allowing users to post entertaining snaps and earn money. Snap, a social media company behind Snapchat, in its official note, announced that the users with the viral content would earn a share of more than $1 million. “Submit … Read more

Google partners with Parallels to bring Windows apps to Chrome OS

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Google has partnered with Parallels, a virtualization company that provides solutions for organizations to access and use apps on any operating system or device. The company announced in a blog post that they would be working with the Chrome OS team to bring fully-featured Windows apps to Chrome Enterprise devices. Parallel has been working on … Read more

WhatsApp brings Fingerprint Unlock support for Android

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Since biometric support on iOS, Android users of WhatsApp have been waiting for this particular release. Finally, WhatsApp is bringing Fingerprint Unlock support to Android devices. The update is rolling out and can be enabled in WhatsApp settings. How to check? If you have an Android phone, you should update WhatsApp from Google Play Store. … Read more

Instagram dark mode now available on Android 10 and iOS 13

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With dark mode taking over the OS’, app developers are working on dark mode support in their apps. Android 10 and iOS 13 have system-wide dark mode support. It’s about time that the third-party apps are embracing it. Applications from Apple already support dark mode in iOS 13, and Google also rolled out many apps … Read more