Namecheap bans registration of coronavirus related domains

Namecheap fights online abuse and fraud by banning covid-19 and related named domains. The announcement was made in an email to customers by the CEO, Richard Kirkendall. The email starts with offering help to the customers who’re in tough situations to pay for their hosting and other Namecheap services. The CEO requests customers to only let needy ones take advantage of this offer.

Namecheap CEO also announced in the email to customers that it had banned coronavirus related domain name registration, including vaccine, covid-19, and coronavirus in it. Furthermore, he added that if any authentic person or company wants to register a domain name, they will have to go through the manual registration processes via support. The support will register their domain for them if found reliable. This is an effort to prevent spam and online abuse that’s hiking after the Coronavirus pandemic. Many scams are hitting people with fake vaccines and coronavirus cures. Social and search giants are also fighting this digital war by keeping a check on fake news and scammers.

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