How to send WhatsApp message without saving number

Send message on WhatsApp without saving phone number
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To send a message on WhatsApp, you have to add that number to your contact list. Sometimes, maybe, you don’t want to add a particular number to your contact list and want to send a message. Perhaps you don’t want them to see your WhatsApp profile, including statuses, stories, and profile picture, or you don’t want to add them to your contact list.

Whatever the reason is, you can send a message to a particular WhatsApp number without adding it to your contacts list. You don’t have to save that number to your contact list. But it involves copying and pasting links and numbers.

Here is how to send a message to a particular person without adding their number to your contact list:

  1. Replace stars (***********) in the given link (***********) with the person’s phone number

  2. For example, if your phone number is +921111111111, the link will become, without the + sign

  3. Copy and open this link ([your-phone-number-here]) in your iOS or Android phone browser

  4. After opening the link, you will see a ‘Message’ button

    Send WhatsApp message without adding number to contacts

  5. Click the ‘Message’ button, and it will open in the WhatsApp

  6. The message window will open, and you will be able to send the message now

    Send message without saving number in contacts on WhatsApp

This way, you can start chatting with the person you wanted without saving it to your contact list.

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