Galaxy Fold Falls Short 200000 Folds In a Brutal Test

Samsung Galaxy Fold has been the center of everyone’s attention since it’s launch, back in April. The foldable phone was pulled back after it’s release when Galaxy Fold of many YouTubers who were given an early version of it, broke. It took the internet by storm, and Samsung called the units back to analyze the problem. A new release date was announced, and the device was released with improvements in design and a set of instructions for users.

When Samsung released the Galaxy Fold, they claimed that it could withstand 200000 folds. 200000 folds mean almost five average years of usage. Nobody wants to wait that long to find out if their phone was strong enough. So, folks at CNET decided to test that. They live-streamed the Galaxy Fold test with a robot that was specifically designed for this test.

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Looking at the form factor of the Galaxy Fold, this lifespan for a fragile-looking phone with a $2,800 price tag is quite impressive. The Galaxy Fold seems very delicate due to its design but 200000 folds, that’s impressive. However, the phone failed the test that CNET conducted. At just 120000 folds, the phone’s hinge got weird. It started with a grinding sound, and when they turned ON the phone, the LCD was broken. The half display panel was black, and the other half was working.

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Samsung claims were shattered with this result, but that doesn’t mean their phone did bad. It’s kind of impressive that the Galaxy Fold is durable enough to get that far. Albeit Samsung should have been clear with its consumers. It might be possible that the tests at the company did well than the one that CNET did. This test wasn’t scientific and didn’t portray the actual usage of the phone.

Watch the highlights from the hours-long Galaxy Fold test video

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