Chrome 78 update brings dark mode to iOS

Google Chrome is the latest app to get dark mode support on iOS. Version 78 of the Chrome browser brings dark theme support in iOS. The most recent update also brings the card-based design in Chrome 78.

How to enable dark mode?

To enable dark mode, you don’t have to follow any settings or toggle anything. In iOS, system-wide dark mode handles everything. If the dark mode on iOS is enabled, the apps will automatically shift to the dark mode only if supported by the developer.

Similarly, Chrome on iOS doesn’t need any setting to enable dark mode. Just enable dark mode on iOS, and your Chrome browser will get a greyish dark mode theme.

According to the “What’s New” section on the App Store, Google has mentioned new features:

“The ability to switch Chrome to dark mode if your device has been upgraded to iOS 13. Bookmarks, History, Recent Tabs, and Reading List are now presented as cards on iOS 13. The ability to add a new credit card directly in Chrome from the settings page.”

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